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I’ve been blogging in my head all week- time to get it in writing!

August 10, 2007

As I found myself utterly with “blog”fright at the prospective of writing my first entry I have to admit that I looked to my current favorite blog and part of my inspiration for starting my own- SouleMama. She is discussing their membership in a CSA, which is very timely as my husband and I have discussed joining one two times just in this last week. So (inspired by her once again) I’ve done a web search for our own local CSA and emailed for information- Finally! And so EASY!

CSAs- or Community Supported Agriculture- is something that I’ve been reading about for about 2 years or more as a way to stay more connected not only to the local economy and community, but to the seasons. Since I will receive what is in season, I-and in my case importantly my two children- will hopefully have a stronger connection to the seasons in which we eat. In today’s supermarket world where produce is flown in from around the world (New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, etc) every season is every season and you can forget how good an orange can taste from the bottom of your stocking on a cold, iced over Christmas morning; or how a watermelon- cold from the fridge or warmed and fragrant from sitting on the picnic table before being cut open and shared- can be so good that you gnaw on the pale rind, enjoying the slightly bitter taste after eating all the sweet flesh and spitting the black seeds across the grass in a contest with your sister.

So while summer is drawing to an end and I am starting to crave the soups of the fall and winter, I am hoping that perhaps this CSA will connect me even further, through my cooking and eating, to those seasonal differences that make up our years, and consequently our lives.

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  1. Paul permalink
    August 10, 2007 12:12 pm

    Welcome to the blog world… Best wishes = Paul

  2. jessbcuz permalink*
    August 11, 2007 6:51 am

    Thanks! I’m enjoying it so far.

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