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A hard night’s work!

August 11, 2007


Well all my creative juices must be flowing!  Blogging and sewing!  I can’t but help thank a fellow mom- Carolina- for getting me back into sewing and turning me onto blogging as well (and you too Sarah!).  She shared with me some fantastic Japanese craft books this month. (Check out more on them here or buy a couple of them here.)  I was so enamoured with them that I had to make a special trip on my birthday last month to by myself a few.   I can’t recommend these enough for inpiration and for simple patterns for simple classic clothing and crafts for children and adults.  The beautiful photography is a bonus as well.

Around the same time Carolina showed me those books we started talking about crafting and she shared with me the links to a few wonderful blogs written by fellow crafters (weewonderfuls, angry chicken, soulemama [I know, I know I already mentioned her] and posie gets cozy)— I’m hooked!  We had a great discussion one day about blogging, journaling, sharing our projects and stories of our children- and well.. here I am.

The result of all that inspiration besides this blog?  That skirt above- a project I’ve had sitting for about 6 months on my overflowing sewing table.  It is just a simple circle skirt with contrasting waistband and pockets, but it promises to me so much more sewing to be had this year!    I didn’t use a pattern- rather I looked online for simple pictorial instructions on how to cut out circle skirt and then found a way to use some cute contrasting fabric on the waistband and pockets.  I’m all about details and those two simple additions did the trick for me this time.  My little Thea wore it today (already broke it in with a few drops of spilled nail polish on it as well!) and loved it. “Look!” she said to me, all smiles as she twirled, “It spins out!”  She has discovered the great joy of a “spin-out” skirt!

Is there really anything better?


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