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On my bookshelf… and nightstand…and floor…

August 13, 2007

I always am curious to see what other people are reading.  And how they read.  Are you the type to check out one book at the library, read it, return it and then start your next?  Not I!  I am the multi-book, plan ahead (beacause a book drought is absolutely terrible!) reader.  I have stacks here, and there, and under there, and oh yeah, over there.  Thought it might be fun to look at some of my piles around the house currently.


Top of the nightstand: Whole World Over; From Puritanism to Postmodernism; Lost in the City; The amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay; The Great War and Modern Memory.

Here’s my rundown on those titles.  Whole world: I’m about half way through and while I’m enjoying it I can’t say it’s a great read.  A nice light end of summer read.  Nothing like what I remember her other novel, Three Junes, being like.  But then that was a great book and great is always hard to follow- especially when great is your first novel.  Sophmore blues I guess.

Puritanism/Postmoderism: Bought this off the bargain table at Border’s.  It’s on my “list” — hoping I’ll skim through it this month, but it needs my proper attention which I can’t give it at midnight.

Lost in the City: Just picked this up at the Friends of the Library store.  Heard about it over a year ago and couldn’t pass up the $1.50 price.  It’ll be shelved soon for future reading (perhaps xmas break).

Amazing Adventures: This actually migrated from my husband’s nightstand to mine.  I have read other novels by Chabon and enjoyed them (I read his latest one this summer) but this one is not on my urgent read list.  One day.  It too will be shelved.

Great War:  I read this last spring in preparation for my Master’s thesis.  It was terribly interesting, and depressing.  It keeps floating around because I don’t really know where to put it.  I need it kind of handy for when I really start doing more research this year, but am not going to referencing it every day.  So it keeps floating from here, to the floor, to other piles and back.  Hopefully it will find a home soon. img_0845.jpg

Oh yes!  I have a second shelf on my nightstand.  This is where it goes after it hangs out on top for a while!

In Cold Blood: I was supposed to read that this summer, but somehow didn’t.  I bought it after seeing Capote last year (one of my favorite movies from last year- chilling but soooo well done).  I know I’ll get to it, but with my semester starting next week, it’ll probably languish there until December.

My Father’s Dragon: I’m going to read this to the kids- If I can remember it’s there!

The Big Over Easy:  This by my favorite fun by smart author.  He also wrote the Eyre Affair.  Literary, witty but quick easy reads.  I read this at the beach this year.  It needs to find a new home.  Probably at the Friends of the Library store.


On my floor next to the bed!  Sad thing is I haven’t read any of these yet.  They were early summer purchases when I optimistically forecast many more hours of reading then actually happened.  But I do usually get to them eventually.  So they will be shelved as soon as I can admit that summer really is over next week.  I have however read some of those Harpers.  I especially enjoyed reading two articles this summer: one by Cynthia Ozick titled Literary Entrails (isn’t that a great title!) about the need for literary criticism, and one by Jonathan Lethem titled The Ecstasy of Influence about plagerism vs. influence.


On top of my crochet bag next to my bed.  On top of a binder of research.  Yes, you can see my little secret obsession there- Sudoku.  My husband got that for me two years ago and I was skeptical but hooked.  It is great when I can’t sleep but don’t want to read, or when I just don’t want to read.  And last but not least- Black Swan Green.  This is by the same author as Cloud Atlas, which I read for my book group last year.  I actually didn’t like Cloud Atlas because it got a bit too science fictiony for me, but he is an excellent writer (I can admit that) so I thought I’d try this autobiographical novel instead.  Unfortunatley, also part of early summer buying spree– unread to date.

Well really must be off to read now!  I’m beginning to feel guilty about all these unread books.

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  1. sassygeekchic permalink
    August 17, 2007 12:07 pm

    Mortimer Adler once said if you have books but do not read them, you don’t really own those books. What you have are just papers and some ink..or something to that effect 🙂 But I think the books that you’re TRYING to read are very interesting…

  2. jessbcuz permalink*
    August 17, 2007 4:06 pm

    I COMPLETELY agree! You can’t OWN those books until you read them, they possess you and you possess them only after reading! I really appreciate that comment as “owning a text” is such an important point. Sometimes even when you read them you still don’t own them because you have not really READ it! You can not OWN a text until you DIGEST them fully, in my opinion. Thanks for the comment!

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