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The Great Cape Caper

August 13, 2007

ian cape

Each year my daughter’s school puts on a Nutcracker preformance by the kindergarten classes. Last year Thea participated in this charming event and even got to have a line!


I helped to make some costumes including the nightgown she wore in it (that we donated for future use) and the tin soldiers hats. I asked at the time if there was any other costume needs and the teacher’s mentioned that the Nutcracker’s cape was only a loan and they could use one for future years. I promised one by the end of the year.


Fast forward 8 months. Having promised this cape I have been plagued by guilt at not having delivered it. Holiday crazies led to the birthday months, then the flu and cold-ridden months, then Easter, spring break and end of the year crazies followed by summer vacation travels. So here I found myself in August still not having sewn the cape. Not even having bought the fabric for it. (But not having forgotten it for which I shall give myself a few gold stars.) So in this flurry of sewing I’ve been doing- newly inspried all around– I made the trip to JoAnn’s and bought the material. And sewed the cape. And folded it and set it near the door to deliver to the Kindergarten teachers next week when school starts.

cape 4

But what to my wondering eyes should appear? But a miniature prince with no fear. He stole past me with a smirk and a giggle and dawned that cape in one little wriggle! It was love at first sight, and who am I to put up a fight!

cape 3

Ian has truly been enjoying the cape. I had no idea he would like one so much. I had made him a Robin Hood one last year which got some play time but I think it is the gold lining that has really got him enamored with this one. So I guess it is back to the fabric store for me- quick before I lose my steam!

ian cape 2

If only he were as quick to clean his room as he is to find new treasures!

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