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last days of summer…and foster’s dipped cones

August 21, 2007


Summer for us is OFFICIALLY winding down. Today I start my first day of grad school-OFFICIALLY. I’ve been prepping for the last week, at various trainings, and working on my curriculm for the composition class I’ll be teaching, but TODAY IS THE DAY! I teach my first class this morning and my own coursework begins tomorrow. So summer is officially and completely over— except for this Friday!! Friday will be the true last day of summer fun for my kids and I– but I haven’t figured out what do to yet!

Last Friday, feeling the end of summer blues, and after a morning of volunteering in my son’s preschool classroom helping his teacher get ready for the new year, and then two hours of errands, I treated the kiddies to dipped Foster Freeze cones! We had to eat them fast and furious because the heat was back and they were drip, drip, dripping! Ahhh, but the semi -hard- starting -to- melt- eggshell- thin -chocolate shell, with little droplets of vanilla ice cream sweating from within! We had to eat fast, to keep up with the heat’s work- honestly that wasn’t really a problem.

Those cones for me are a quinessential summer treat. As a child my sister and I ONLY got a Foster’s Freeze cone on drives to our family camping destination (or at least that’s how I remember it and I’m stickin’ to my story!) As we headed north from our home town the dirt got redder, and the heat more stifling, especially in our unconditioned car. About an hour into our winding trip, our legs sticking to the vinyl seats, our heads against the back window to let the rush of air from the open front windows unstick our hair from our foreheads, we would see the Foster’s Freeze sign with relief. As children who did not routinely get to stop for fast food, let alone a soft serve cone, this was a moment to be savored. The hardest decision was trying to decide: chocolate, vanilla, or half & half! Either way we were happy “campers” after that armed with our sticky, yummy oozing dipped cones and a lap full of napkins!

My mom originally introduced us to their messy loveliness, and for that I will always love her from the bottom of my chocolate obsessed heart!

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