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Summer days & Crafty kids!

July 1, 2008

Table runner

One of my favorite things about these summer days is the time to do art and crafts with my two kiddos, who are now at an age to really get into and take off on their own with just a little nudging.  First up was this quick little 4th of July project— from this Martha Stewart idea. Now I don’t claim to be Martha, and my kids certainly don’t either, but she can’t be beat for inspiration! Ours didn’t turn out quite the same, but then,  our budget and crafters were both a little smaller. 

I made a slightly sloppy, but very quick, table runner out of some cheap white muslin (1.99/yd) and about 4 minutes at my machine and serger.  Then using some fabric paint and scrub brushes the kids went at it, making “fireworks” all over!

Next up were the paper fireworks to set on the table runner.

We used construction paper and straws instead of the vellum and skewers called for, mainly because of budgetary reasons, but also because they were to be had in our cupboards.  Both kids loved it and were able, after the first one, to do them on their own.

To make a firework: 1) take a piece of colored construction paper or other colored paper (not cardstock– we tried some it is was a little too stiff) 2) fold it in half lengthwise 3) using that line as a guide, tear or cut it in to two skinny pieces 4) fold the smaller piece in half lengthwise again 5) make mall  cuts along the length leaving the folded edge uncut (this is sometimes called fringing) 6) tape straw end to paper end 7) role paper around straw with fringe end pointing up 8) tape to secure 9) roll some of the outer fringes down & squash others.  Homemade fireworks!

Surprisingly, both of my kids declared that the paper fireworks (or pom-pom’s as Martha calls them) were more fun to make than the more expensive and labor intensive table runner!   All in all this project, ringing in at about $6, was much cheaper then an art day camp for both of them! Plus, I got to have some fun with them and they got to see Momma doing something besides cleaning house!

4th of July


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