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It’s in the bag!

August 1, 2008

Ingenious bag made by a craftier mom than me.

Last spring we attended, or rather I carted my children (who were attending) to a birthday party.  The very talented mother, instead of the usual plastic goodie bags had done something ingenious.  That ingeniuity I, of course, quickly decided to copy ruthlessly.  She made for the children fabric goodie bags with a ribbon drawstring.  I had almost gotten there on my own with my son’s party; I made fabric bags, but mine were a rough set, with unfinished tops and certainly no drawstrings.  As I said: Ingenious!

Well, as my children’s birthdays are clumped in January we haven’t made it back around yet for me to try these out for their parties, but I’ve been thinking of different ways I can use these little, inexpensive bags (really, they can be made for probably 50 cents each).  After the party we repurposed those bags as toy holders.  One is used to hold Hot Wheels on the go.  When my son wants to bring toys in the car, to a friends, or on an errand, he is allowed to fill the little bag.  Another has been used to corral our unruly gang of finger puppets, and they seem very happy there.

And now, today I found an excuse to make one of my own.  The domino box, stepped on one too many times, was ferried off to the recycle.  But what to do with the dominos, scattered here and there about the floor?  A drawstring bag of course!

It was a quick job.  I did however take it just one stop farther and sew some little awkward looking dominos on the front (no mistaking where they get cleaned up to now).  I’m not one for handsewing so the domino dots, which probably could have been done very cutely and neatly with an embrodiery stich, I just put on with the machine.  Crude, yes.  But did the job in the little bit of time I alloted this bag.

The dominos are now at home in their little bag.  Now what else could use its own bag?

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