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Lime Chiffon Cake: 1 year in the making

August 8, 2008

Last summer, or fall I saw a recipe in Cooking Light for a Lime Chiffon Cake.  I thought it looked, and sounded delicious, and I had not really had a lime cake before and was interested in trying it.  Last fall also was when I went back to school to begin my Master’s and so most of my cooking desires were left unfulfilled.  This recipe floated about my kitchen, from the counter, to the bookcase.  I pulled it out over winter break and it sat on my table for a while.  I had an email exchange about it.  Clearly it was unfinished business for me.

This summer has afforded me with a long stretch of time free from my school year worries– no carpooling/carting the kids about (well, at least not as much as usual), no classes to teach, no classes to read (and read and read) for.  At the begining of summer I made a kind of mental to do list; high on that list was this cake.  But suddenly summer’s end was nearing.  And I hadn’t made this cake!

Determined to not have it haunting me this year (I’ve got a churros recipe that is threatening to take its place) I decided to make it.  Today.  I kept thinking I would make it for a party, potluck, etc., but as the timing has never worked, I made it for absolutely no reason at all.  But, whew!  What a relief!  

I followed the recipe fairly closely, except for substituting the Cool Whip for Whipping Cream (I’ve never really gotten over when somebody told me there is a common ingredient between Cool Whip and something used in your car– whether it is true or not doesn’t probably matter).  It went together fairly easily and quickly.  The best part was the smell of the limes as I zested them!

Taste?  The crumb of the cake was very nice, but I expected that as it used egg whites and cake flour (the key, in my opinion, to a nice crumb).  The filling, made with sweetened condensed milk, seemed a little sweet to me, but my husband thought the cake overall was a bit on the tart side.  I think this would be an excellent cake with a cup of tea.  The blueberries (listed as optional) I think are absolutely necessary to cut the intense lime flavor of this cake.

Well, now that I’ve made this cake and we really can’t be eating a whole cake ourselves, I’ve packaged some chunks for delivery to friends tomorrow.  I just hope this cake isn’t haunting me as long as the recipe did.  

Find the recipe for this cake here.


The only drawback to baking!  Dirty dishes.

The only drawback to baking! Dirty dishes.

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  1. August 8, 2008 1:22 pm

    I have about 100 recipes stacked up on my to-make list. Some of them I’ve certainly had my eye on for a year. This cake looks wonderful — I like how you just scatter the blueberries over top. It looks beautiful.

    Good luck with churros! I had sort of a disaster experience when I tried to make them. The piping bag burst into the hot oil and all of the batter fried up into a big blob. It was actually really funny. Let me know how it goes if you get to making them!

  2. chocolateshavings permalink
    August 8, 2008 6:02 pm

    I have a couple recipes that I have been meaning to try for a while and haven’t yet found the time… but you’re right, sometimes you dont need an occasion, you just have to cook for the sake of cooking! You cake looks wonderful, and I’m sure using whipping cream only made it better!

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