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Lunchtime Sewing: continued

August 13, 2008

You will probably note a flurry of sewing in the next couple weeks. My semester starts the last week of August and I can feel my sewing time dwindling and so many unfinished projects still staring me down. I decided that I would dedicate this afternoon to finishing the lunch mats for my children. The decision to focus on the lunch mats was strenghened when I came across a picture of some lunch mats in one of my newest Japanese craft books:All Your Kids Need

I like the one on the top right

I like the one on the top right

These are a slightly different set up than mine, and give me something to try another time. I see lots and lots of embroidery work here, as well as all over the blogs I’ve been reading, and perhaps I will give it a whirl one day. My favorite from the book is the one with the embroidered spoon and chopsticks to show where they go.

With that inspriation I began my work this afternoon. It was quick and easy sewing and I have finished them all! Five for each of my children, so that we may make it through the weeks with clean mats and napkins for their lunches. Hopefully I won’t fall behind on laundry this year!





It was in fact such an easy project that I decided to let my daughter sew one for herself. She received a sewing machine for her 7th birthday last January, but we have just carved out the time for sewing lessons starting this week. We had a basic lesson a couple days ago, and today we dived right into her first project. I helped her as I’m a bit nervous still to let her go at, but she did stupendously and will be on her own soon enough. Today I handled the iron, but I do need to give her a chance to try that soon.

My proud girl!

My proud girl!

As I was sewing the rest of them I began playing around a bit- trying pinking shears on some for finishing, my serger on others (I’m still using the serger in it’s most basic way as I haven’t had time to explore it more yet). I tried out a snap and a tie on my son’s, but after having him try to undo and then redo them, I’ve decided that no clasp or closure will work better. Sometimes, simplest is the best.

Pinking Shears

serger action

serger action

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  1. mrscjallen permalink
    August 13, 2008 6:03 pm

    I like the idea of lunch mats. I recently made cloth napkins for my nephew to take to school with him, but I didn’t think about making mats as well. Maybe I’ll add that to my ever growing Christmas list.

    Your daughter looks so proud! Boy, I wish I had learned to sew when I was young. And I just adore her sewing machine. Who is it made by?

  2. jessbcuz permalink*
    August 14, 2008 5:06 am

    After looking around a bit at different children’s machines, I opted for a slightly more pricey one I found at Target. Some of the machines made for children are very cheaply made. It has metal parts where it counts, and should last her for years, but is easy to use (simple threading, and stitch choices). It is made by Janome– a Hello Kitty version– has them.

    Good luck with the xmas list— i haven’t even started thinking yet– I’m just trying to get through halloween sewing first!

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