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Cheese Sandwiches, Deodorant and other unrelated things

August 28, 2008


Whew!  I just finished my first day of teaching and my own classes as a student this semester and I am zonkered.  On the bright side I smell not so bad!  A bit ago angry chicken wrote about homemade deoderant and I was intrigued mentioning it here.  When I visited my friend Anna we talked about it a bit and she told me her trick.  Just a bit of baking soda rubbed in your palm with your favorite lotion and then applied.  At that time I still had a good amount of deoderant left, but this morning, looking ahead at my 11 hour day on campus, I thought I might give it a try (my deodorant is low and hasn’t been “working” very well).  And it worked.  Wonderfully.  While I hope to get the ingredients together one day to give the recipe angry chicken lists a try, there is something satisfying about not having to have a container, have left over ingredients, and being able to make just as much as you need… each day.  So thank you Anna, for saving my students from my body odor today, because it was quite hot here (nearing 100), and I was teaching in a very small, non-airconditioned classroom.  

Completely unrelated to deodorant I  wanted to share one of my daughter’s favorite sandwiches that I have been packing this week for her snack: apple butter and cheddar cheese.  Nothing fancy, but she loves this combo; it is in fact the whole reason she likes apple butter which in turn is why we now have 18 jars of apple butter canned and ready to go for this year.  So if you make some apple butter or can get your hands on some, give it a try.

Oh, and I wanted to share this link to all dressed in blue for this cute little doodad you can make to remind yourself how many items you’ve washed need to be hung and not thrown in the dryer.  Brilliant!  Oh course, I would need to remember to print this, attach it to my washer and then to mark the amount of items when I put them in the washer, obstacles I’m not sure I can over come, BUT  I do love the idea and simplicity of it and that it could, potentially, save any wool sweaters I have left from becoming mini.

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