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September 2, 2008


I was going to post about a skirt I sewed the other day, but unforseen excitement has neccessitated this post being given over completely to my son.  Today he has thrown off his fear and trepidation and learned to ride his bike…sans training wheels.

Looking back (above photo is from about 4 years ago) I was so caught up in the moment of having two small children I didn’t think much about them growing up.  We took each milestone as it came, and they came so rapidly (sitting, crawling, walking, solids, first teeth, first birthday, first christmas,  first word) we had hardly enough time to absorb and document, let alone reflect on them.

As my children have gotten older I have realized that those milestones slow down.  And, in turn, become more momentous.  For over a year my son has been trying sporadically to ride his bicycle without training wheels.  His younger cousin mastered it long ago and he kept wanting to try, but his fear would overcome him as soon as we let go and his balance and confidence would go with it.  He had ridden solo for short stints, but would never believe us.  And so we would put back on the training wheels and wait until he asked again.

We were not in a hurry.  Each child has their own timetable which moderates between their physcial, mental and emotional readiness on each new feat.  I know a few children for whom bike riding was something not attained until after 9 or even 10 years old.  They have not suffered for it.

But today he suprised us.  I was sorting papers (piles and piles of papers from my first year of teaching and grad school research) when he came in and asked if I would come outside and watch him ride down the block.  He was so excited.

And so I did.  His fear overcame him at first on the concrete, but then my husband took him to the park for some grass rides first.  His fear began to evaporate.  Soon the whole family was on our way to the front store (about 9 blocks away) to get our traditional ice cream reward.  If they make it the whole way on their first bike ride without training wheels we all enjoy an ice cream treat.

My daughter was so proud of him.  And she enjoyed her ice cream too.

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  1. September 3, 2008 5:04 pm

    So glad the kids enjoyed them! They look delicious.

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