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spring planting (yes, I know it’s fall!)

September 10, 2008

My garden out back is in severe need of some attention.  Self started morning glories have overtaken an area where I dug up my iris about a month ago, my rose bushes need to be dead headed, and there is a forgotten and very sad looking fox glove (still in it’s pot) that needs to be attended to.  But am I out there weeding, pruning and planting what I’ve got?  NO!  I’m dreaming about ordering bulbs to plant in the next month or so for a spring burst of color.  I know, it doesn’t make sense, but it does explain why my garden looks really good only a few weeks out of the year, and then looks sadly rejected the rest.  I’m all about the planning, but the upkeep is sometimes is beyond me.

But since it was on my mind I thought I’d share what I’m thinking.  First off, I’m determined to have tulips this year.  I used to always have bright red tulips each spring but a couple years ago I forgot to replant them and it has all gone down hill since.  But I miss those tulips and their happy little presence out front.  I also love smelly flowers, and was so delighted when I found (while cleaning out a long forgotten box) a clipping from a magazine (which?  I don’t know, I’m guessing Sunset but not sure) on fragrant bulbs.  I’m not sure I ever realized tulips had a scent.  Hyacinth and Narcissus yes, but there are smelly yummy tulips too!


I also found this idea to layer the bulbs in a pot for a variety of color throughout the spring at the Sunset website and I’m really excited about it.  I’ve got a couple extra pots out back that would work wonderfully.  Now the questions is:  Can I stop dreaming and get to work on this?  Hmmmm…..good question.

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  1. Ana Blake permalink
    September 11, 2008 2:28 am

    You mentioned scented flowers and I just had to tell you–we have purple irises and they smell like root beer. No kidding! I came home from garage saling one day this year and the kids told me to go smell the “root beer” flowers. I was very skeptical about it but sure enough, they smelled EXACTLY like root beer. I’m not sure if that’s a scent you are looking for, but I thought it was funny!

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