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Lamenting my lack of dryer, oven, shelf…

September 27, 2008


just a little garden loveliness...

just a little garden loveliness...with a hiding earwig!

It has been a while since my last post.  It coincides almost exactly to when my oven broke.  And my dryer stopped drying.  And to when, a few days later, my top shelf of fabric in my sewing area fell off the wall, spilling fabric all over.  Although it may appear from these instances that my life is in chaos, it is in fact just business as normal.  More or less.  All this occurring did throw me out of my baking mode (causing me to miss my Tuesdays with Dorie post last week) and I decided to take a little break from posting while I attended to these issues.


They are not resolved, but we are making progress.  We’ve determined the issues with both the dryer and the oven and ordered parts, made phone calls, and emailed as needed.  The shelf will need a little work this weekend, but I’m hoping to restore order to that area in the next two days.  

So, with my sewing area under a mountain of fabric, my oven out of service and the rest of my home drowning in dirty laundry, I don’t have anything of the creative nature to post.  The most creative I’ve been this week is in figuring out where we can hang laundry to dry or how many stovetop dinners we can make.  However, I did want to share a link to, a site that has wonderful free audio children stories (many of them original) that my children love. Their favorites include: The Monkey Who Loved Chocolate,and The Witch Who Got into Trouble at School.  

You can listen online or there is a podcast you can download onto your ipod or other mp3 player.  My son spent about 30 minutes relaxing in his room today, listening to storynory tales while I worked on uncovering my sewing machine to make a cape for the birthday party he is attending tomorrow.  If only one of us really was a super-hero and could fix all my ailing appliances.  Now that would be a tale worthy of a  storynory podcast.

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