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Finding “Peace” in my garden

September 29, 2008


Peace rose in my garden today

"Peace" in my garden today

Another lovely warm fall day here.  My husband skedaddled out of here around 11 with my two kids for a daddy afternoon of live jazz and sushi at Yoshi’s in Oakland (he’s trying to train them young so he will have company later).  I stayed home, supposedly to correct papers and read homework (which I did do for part of the time), but really so I could sneak out into my neglected yard for some fall maintenance and dreaming.  After a couple hours out there I’ve trimmed back some overgrown plants, planted my forgotten digitalis (still in the pot from months (!) ago), and dug up old bulbs and began to turn the soil in an area to be replanted.  


I also took the time to harvest some snails– they completely ravaged my garden last spring, eating my hostas to the point of no return (those have been dug up after 7 years in my garden, just when they were begining to look wonderfully established!).  I have been told that you can cut down your snail population by hand collecting and disposing of them, a much better option, to my mind, than spreading poison all over my back yard.  I have been paying my children a nickel a snail (to help them overcome the ick factor), but went at it alone today, earning myself a solid fifty cents!  If anyone has any other tips for snails, please let me know.  I also need to address my earwig problem and have heard that crumpled newspaper disposed of daily(?) is the way to go.


unknown climbing rose in my garden

unknown climbing rose in my garden

While working out in the sunshine I was able to enjoy my beautifully blooming roses.  I love the fall bloom; although not as abundant as in spring, it is more appreciated as there is less to compete with–especially as there is lots of dirt areas right now.  I began looking at some of these empty areas and doing what I do best, dreaming of other things to plant (and probably neglect).  My current coveted rose is the Hot Cocoa.  I am also an ardent English rose fan, currently having a graham thomas, sweet juliet, Chistopher Marlowe, and possibly an Abraham Darby (along with another unknown english rose).   This of course is not enough of these wonderfully petaled, fragrant roses and feel I might need to get a Jude the Obscure, William Morris, Wife of Bath, or William Shakespeare to commemorate this semester’s readings in my grad classes.  Okay, technically I’m not reading Wife of Bath this semester –we read the Man of Law’s Tale from Chaucer instead (I am reading Jude the Obscure, selections from Morris, and Shakespeare’s Tempest)- but I do love her so.  And it is my garden, after all.

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