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Random post about teaching

October 23, 2008

Just wanted to post quickly tonight about teaching.  As I mentioned a couple days ago, this past weekend I got sick and spent a whole day in bed (one of my dream days of relaxtion normally– a whole day in bed just reading– but not when I’m sick).  My fever broke, and then soon after, my voice began cracking like a teenage boy.  So far I’m on day 4 with this new and interesting voice. It oscillates between Jessica Rabbit, and a dying, squeaky animal voice.  Adding to the pleasure of having this voice is the fact that I’ve been teaching this week as normal– for me that means two days during the week where I’m teaching 2 two hour classes within a 6 hour span, usually meeting with students (and talking one on one with them) in between (and sometimes for the hour before, as well).  So this week, I’ve been teaching and meeting with students with little to no voice– loads of fun, I can tell you!  And of course all that talking, just makes my voice even worse!  

When I visualized teaching prior to actually doing it, I was always in perfect health.  And last year that held out.  But this year I’ve been hit with reality.  My students have been delightfully responsive in quieting so I can whisper to them, but when they are doing group work and I’m trying to get their attention, it has been a little bizarre to stand there waving my hands, or cup my hands around my mouth to try and get some volume, especially because I teach in a very tiny classroom (very very tiny).  Also adding to the fun is that when I’m not whispering to them, I’m usually off in the corner of the classroom coughing (trying not to spray my germs all over everyone–since they are practically sitting on top of me in this little classroom). Can I just add, that it is so great to be coughing with students just sitting there watching you. And waiting.  And watching.

I’m really hoping my voice is back soon.

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  1. October 28, 2008 12:55 pm

    I remember teaching with no voice for a few days. It was amazing how quiet the class became since all I could do was whisper. It was like they all adjusted to my volume. I hope you’re well soon!

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