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A few links for my nostalgia

November 20, 2008

My girl creating many years ago!

I haven’t had any time to write, back, cook, sew, or otherwise create outside my academic world for the past few weeks, and I miss it.  I still don’t have time today, but I was feeling nostalgic for a time, just a couple years ago when I did.  I especially awoke, on this cold overcast morning, thinking about the fall and winter inside days with my young children, both still at home with me just a couple years ago.  They are both off at school for most of the day this year, but maybe today I can warm them up with some hot chocolate and an art project!

For those of you with little ones at home (Anna! although I already shared at least one of these with you already!) I thought I would share a couple links that I love.  These sites are great for inspiring easy and doable projects and exploratory play with the preschool and younger crowd.  And since I can’t create myself, thinking about others doing so is the next best thing.

Kids Craft Weekly:  You can sign up for her e-newsletter, and/or just explore what she has on her site.  I’ve stolen some of her ideas to do with my children at home and with full classes of preschoolers.  She combines a nice mix of well known projects, inventive variations on projects you might have seen, and other of her very own craftiness.  Her newsletters are usually theme focused, something that is especially fun for preschool aged children to fully explore a concept, technique, or part of their world.

The Crafty Crow: This is a blog I just haven’t had time enough to spend with.  It is a collection of great crafts from blogs all over.  I’ve found some great projects through this blog, and discovered some interesting and inspiring blogs.

Art Projects for Kids: This is a great site I stumbled on this year in looking for information on nature journaling.  This is a collection of all sorts of art lessons and projects to do with K-8 children, but could also be used for younger ones as well.  I really like that you can search by age appropriateness.

bookhoucraftprojects: A weekly guest post on Bloesem Kids, this collects all these great art projects in one place.  I have loved the projects presented here as they go beyond a “craft” to a real art lesson.  The process is usually about technique and exploring, and often the results are frameable.

Wondertime: Yes… I’m a sucker for a good kid/parent magazine.  I especially love their science projects and explanations (both on the site and in their magazine).  The line between science and art is very thin during the preschool years, and they have some great activities and projects.  I’ve also really enjoyed many of the Dalai Mama articles over the years (and she has a blog on this site).

Oh… I am really looking forward to my break coming up in about a month.  I think over our holiday break, the kids and I will break out the paints, glue, glitter, and anything else we can find!

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