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December 23, 2008

img_3055I don’t remember feeling so tired as a child in the days leading up to Christmas.  Do you?

Today we decorated gingerbread houses. I do not make them from scratch. Yes, I buy the kit. In fact, I love, love, love the kits! Once I tried to make one from scratch. Even before I had kids. It did not go well. It did not look pretty. Perhaps for a Halloween house I would make it from scratch. Never for Christmas.
In addition to assembling gingerbread house kids, I have been making a few things from scratch.

img_3087Yesterday–my first real day of sewing since my semester ended–I whipped up a pirate jacket for my son (by request some months back–let’s hope he still wants it xmas morning), and a Robin Hood cape, hat and tunic for my nephew. These are safely hidden for now, but my son knows I’ve made him something and has tried a few sneak attacks on my closet already. Surprises? Why would anyone want surprises?

Tonight, I will try to get to my daughter’s wishes– a new night gown and a skirt that she will probably never wear, like the others I have made her.  But that is what Christmas is for, right?  Things we wish for, but when we get them, realize we didn’t really want that badly anyway. And so we can only wait until next year to wish for what we really want–we think.

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