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Pot of Envy

January 4, 2009
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Le Creuset Round Dutch Ovens, 7 1/4-Qt.

I have serious Le Creuset envy.  Serious.  I covet the blue ones (especially the cobalt and carribean colors), but honestly swoon at all of them.  Especially the french ovens.  I mean really, it is bad; I haven’t had a kitchen crush like this since my Microplane grater.  But as my husband reminds me, when ever my material desires outreach my financial realities, it is better to appreciate what you can have (or do have) than wallow in self-pity over your Le Creuset-less life– so instead of waiting the many many years it would take me to save and justify the purchase of a pot that is over $200, I went for what I could afford, ringing in at about $18 on the Macy’s clearance rack–an cast iron dutch oven.  Not enamaled, and certainly not carribean colored– but it will work.

soupIf was an xmas present, bought by my mother-n-law, and I just broke it in the other day, with a wonderfully easy soup recipe from a the recent Sunset magazine, Toasted Bread, Bean, and Vegetable Soup Recipe. This soup was delicious, and the toasted bread easy and well worth the bit of extra work.  I made it with the chicken broth, but will try to make it completely vegetarian next time, by substituting veggie broth.  I loved that I was able to use up some forgotten, slightly limp CSA veggies (have you have seen a really (really!) rubbery carrot?) from our produce bin in the fridge, and the taste was not compromised in the least.

So, while I must continue gazing longingly at those blue Le Creuset pots from afar, I will be able to put the utilitarian black one to use in my kitchen now.  And the soup that would emerge from either is equally filling and delicious.  Or so I keep telling myself.

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  1. January 6, 2009 1:27 am

    My boyfriend happened to come with a lovely blue French oven (not Le Creuset, but some other make), and I love it almost, but not quite, more then I love him. Don’t tell him I said so, though. 😉

    • jessbcuz permalink*
      January 6, 2009 12:12 pm

      now why didn’t I check my husband’s cupboards before we got engaged! that would of certainly sweetened the deal.

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