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All wrapped up in coloring

January 9, 2009

img_3526I was absolutely thrilled on Christmas Day when my aunt who has taken up quilting with a passion in the last few years, presented my children with two lovely marker roll-ups. What was even more delightful is that this was a project I had been hoping to do for them for Christmas myself, but had let go.  Among others.

I found the pattern (titled “colored pencil roll”) that I was hoping to follow in a quilting book recommended by a friend, Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts.  I’m not a quilter, and not sure that the time investment and precision required fit my sewing style, but I liked many of the projects in this book, precisely because they weren’t all “quilts”, but rather a variety of projects using quilting techniques.  I also appreciated the way it was divided by the time the projects take to complete, something you definitely want to know if you are planning on crafting for others in time for a birth date or  other special day.

img_35361I borrowed this volume from the library, and made a photo copy of the pencil roll project last August, and tucked it away for xmas sewing— but never got to it.  Thanks goodness for those more organized than I!  My daughter has especially been enjoying her roll-up to create all sorts of picture books.  They tell the story of a little girl–a lot like her.  This little girl goes to the park, takes ballet (my girl doesn’t, so she is inventing a bit!), goes to school.  I love watching her stories come to life with the help of her new markers, and I’m considering making her some blank books for her coming birthday, only weeks away.

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