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Kitty Dress Success: further tales of Japanese Craft Book sewing

January 23, 2009

sdc102581I have tried, yet again, to sew my daughter a piece of clothing that she will wear. I found some darling fabric with little blue kitties I thought she would like and started flipping through one of my Japanese craft books, Basics for Girls, to find something that I could make with the yard I had purchased.  (See another blog posting on this book here at glittergoods.) I found just the dress after thumbing through; it was sleeveless and simple enough to do in a rush.  Sleeveless was key because of my yardage constraints, and simple… well, that is just a pre-requisite for most of my sewing, but especially when sewing for a girl who rejects half of what I make, and lets it hang listlessly in her closet.  Not that I wouldn’t want to put lots of time into something special for her, but until she starts wearing them, this just doesn’t seem like the best use of my time.  Plus, when you start looking for a project the day before the birthday, expediency is the key.

I whipped it up in a hurried sort of way, eying the pattern shapes and free cutting the day before her birthday.  Because I didn’t follow the pattern to a T, and bypassed the tie closure at the neck (she’s sensitive about things near her neck), there seems to be some flapping happening with that V, but if she doesn’t notice, I’m not going to say anything.  I added a pocket and some ribbon trim and called it a day.  She added the birthday pin.

Because the pattern called for more yardage than I had, the skirt of the dress is a little narrower, but works fine.  She can still walk in it.  I was hoping she would wear it now with leggings and long shirt layered underneath and then in the summer as a sun dress.  And guess what?  She did. Yes! it is true.  She finally left the house in one of my pieces (that was not pajamas).

I hope this kind of success carries over to other aspects of my life. Maybe it’s time to tackle another adult dress and try to amend for my spectacular failure I blogged about a few months ago.  Or perhaps not.  I wouldn’t want to press my luck.  



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