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A List: things I want to make…

January 26, 2009

miscSometimes my plans get ahead of my available time and I end up with a list of “want to make” that taunts me.  That sometimes is now.  With a new semester staring me down (with classes beginning today, it is stretching out endlessly on my calendar), I’m looking longingly at a couple recipes and projects, but know that getting them done anytime soon might be difficult.  Yet, I’ll try to fit them in.  Posting them here helps me in some way, so I thought I’d share a couple with you.  And if you get to any of them before me, let me know!  I’m okay living vicariously.

Home Made Heating Pad– I am absolutely captivated by the idea of making a heating pad I can zap in the microwave and that  might smell like cherries.  I read through a lot of the comments on this project and it appears you have to get the right kind of pits, otherwise you just end up with a musty smell.  Now that really would be the pits.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one.) I also really liked the idea of making one with rice or other filling and adding cloves and other spicy notes; in the winter this is one of my favorite scents.  I’m already dreaming about having this warming up my perennially frozen toes, so I won’t have to freeze my husband anymore.

Porta Torta– I loved this carrier made by Mevrouw Cupcake‘s friend for her, and although this friend will eventually be selling them, I would like to try to recreate it myself.  I’ve got a friend who I think this would be ideal for as she is always toting baked goods to and fro.  I’m thinking I could make a pie one, but also maybe some other shapes as well.  If I try really hard, I might just get this done in time for her birthday–next December.

Bittersweet Chocolate and Pear Cake– This recipe posted the other day by smittenkitchen caught my eye (and got my stomach grumbling).  Anything with bittersweet chocolate catches my eye, but this combination looks like a great winter dessert.  I’m thinking maybe even caramel drizzled on top? (I have some left from my banana cream tartlets…) Oh… I don’t think I’ll be waiting long to try this one.  Somehow, I think some time will be opening in my schedule for this one.  Austen and Bronte just might have to wait an hour for me.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake– Another smittenkitchen recipe, this one caught my eye last winter, but seemed to heavy for that time of year when all I really wanted to eat was fruit and corn on the cob.  It has been waiting in the wings (well actually, bookmarked on my computer) but seems appropriate now in this colder, wetter weather.  It looks like the perfect birthday cake (and kind of dramatic with the color contrast), so I’m thinking either for my son’s party (which was supposed to be this past weekend, but had to be postponed because of rain), or my husband’s in March–they are both HUGE peanut butter lovers (esp. my son, who practically lived on PB&J sandwiches for ages 3 & 4).

Apple Tart Cake– I randomly check orangette’s blog, and was so happy I did the other day and found this cake.  Apple cakes are one of my favorite (especially in the fall) and this one looks like an interesting variation on some of the more standard versions I’ve tried.  I’m hoping to make this one soon, but if not, I’ll tuck it away for next September when our apples start coming in around here. (Also, when I might have time to make it.)


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