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Trying to cook myself across the pond.

January 27, 2009

parsnipsoupOkay. I’ve resigned myself. I will not be traveling overseas any time soon. This doesn’t mean I stop thinking about it, so I have to find a way to live out my traveling wishes, and cooking is one way I can do that. A while back, in the midst of my end-of-semester random posting, I mentioned I discovered the whole world of British newspapers, AND their food columns. This was a glorious discovery (because you know, what I need is more things to read and more recipes!). I also found a couple recipes for parsnip soup that night and finally got a chance to try one of them.

I don’t think Parsnip and Apple Soup with Stilton Croutons is a quintessential English soup (but if so, let me know!), but if I pretend that I am transported to England with each bite through some unique British flavor combination, it helps somehow, you know?

I am even more delighted that I was able to use up some parsnips that have been hanging out in my produce bin, oh… well, since perhaps (I am embarrassed to admit)  the end of November. (Is that possible?) Well, they worked just fine in the soup, despite their advanced age and solved a cooking dilemma for me. I love getting our CSA boxes, but often I am face to face with vegetables that I just don’t have a go-to recipe for. But now I have one for parsnips!

This soup was perfect tonight as the weather has turned cold after a little warming spell here, and my children and husband loved it. It is a bit sweet, but the sharpness of the Stilton croutons counter this nicely. (As a bonus, I was able to use up bits of leftover ingredients from other recipes– I had some Stilton just waiting in my fridge from a salad last week!  I love that.)

If you try this recipe you can substitute the double cream with heavy whipping cream with no issues. And I should add, you can skip the chives on the croutons if, like me, you don’t have them on hand, as well as cut the Stilton amount in half with no taste compromised. I was using up all our parsnips so more than four went in the pot, resulting in a pretty thick soup. To remedy this and stretch it for seconds, I thinned it with some veggie broth at the end. This batch only lasted one night, so next time I’ll fully double the recipe, because really, having leftovers is half the point of making soup in the first place. Well, unless you’re making it just to stave off unreasonable traveling urges.

Find the recipe at the TimesOnline.

As a side note, this article , which popped up as a link in a sidebar near the recipe has some interesting food blogs from around the world to explore.  I checked out a couple of them, and they look promising.

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  1. Anna permalink
    January 28, 2009 3:00 pm

    Hey Jess,

    Another great thing to do with parsnips is peel them and cut them into little cubes. Then fry them up in butter and munch on them like tiny, sweet potatoes. Leo loves them.

    • jessbcuz permalink*
      January 29, 2009 7:40 am

      I will definitely have to try that!

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