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One slice only…please.

January 29, 2009
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Ahh…. the feeling of a to do list line item crossed off.  A goal accomplished.  A cake made.

I just, and I mean JUST, blogged a little wish list and this peanut butter chocolate cake was on it.  I was practically drooling when I saw the picture again last week, so I guess it is no surprise I managed to squeeze this one in so soon (actually, before I posted that blog entry).  I am really quite highly motivated when it comes to my sweet tooth.

My son and I had a little fun in the kitchen whipping this one up for a family birthday get together last weekend (apparently birthday celebrations in our family go on for weeks!).  He had even more fun licking the whisk after we were done.  Now you can understand why he is so eager to help me in the kitchen.


It was a little odd making this cake because it is basically a one bowl cake, and I was unsure for a bit when stirring this very thick lump of batter by hand before adding in the wet, but it seemed to work out okay.  As smittenkitchen’s directions indicate, it is a very soft cake (very).  I froze it before frosting as suggested and that helped, but it was difficult to even wrap it to get it into the freezer without breaking it.

But the frosting!  Oh, the frosting.  Peanut butter cream cheese frosting, topped with semi-sweet chocolate peanut butter glaze. Truly, truly decadent.  Over the top.  Rich, does not even begin to describe it.

I made my cake in 3 9-inch pans (recipe called for 8-inch), and served 17 people cake and still had a good third left.  If you make this cake, serve in small slices (and get the recipe from smittenkitchen’s post).  It is dangerous otherwise.

Dangerous.  But crossed off my list.

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