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Mini Masterpieces: creating books with my children

February 2, 2009

sdc10401I have really loved reading about  children writing their own books on a couple different blogs.  This is something near and dear to my heart, as I grew up creating my own books, newspapers, and any other print matter I could think of.  But, while I love the purchasable blanks out there, for me part of the charm of homemade books is the yarn, staples, and thread that goes into making the actual binding as well.  There hung on my childhood Christmas tree, a small, (very small) construction paper Christmas tale, developed, executed and stapled together one December night in a fury of creation, about a boy, his wooden shoes, and a dog.  For me, half the charm today is the crooked staples, and unevenly cut paper that holds a whiff of that childhood energy and creativity.  Boundless.

sdc10410In that vein, I helped my son write a book for his sister as a Christmas present this year.  An emerging reader and writer, this was labourious work for him, and I ended up having him dictate much of it too me to head off frustration, but he worked hard at creating a coherent and finely illustrated story for his sis.  She loved it.  Then, when my daughter got her color roll for xmas and began a veritable cottage industry out of her room, selling her book creations to one and all (yes I bought one, and she beguiled her little brother into one as well, but at 50 cents the were a steal– I know they will be collectible one day), I knew some book making lessons, and perhaps a few pre-made blanks were in order.

All this culminated in me creating a couple blank books for her on her birthday in January.  Nothing special.  Just cardstock and printer paper whipped through my sewing machine (if it dulls my needles, I just don’t want to know).  Of course, right after I did that, I found this great posting at glittergoods on a cuter, but not much more work, way of creating some blanks for your kids.  The great thing is, those blanks will be used up quickly, so I can get to work on some more trying this method soon.

And maybe I’ll make one for myself and set about working on the sequel to my Christmas tale.  I think a Valentine’s tale is in order right about now.  I’m thinking about a girl, her slippers, and her cat.  Now, to get out my scissors, stapler, and construction paper.

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