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TV Dinner: Salad of Beets, Oranges, Feta & Mint

February 4, 2009

sdc10424I don’t often watch The View, but it was on while I was running at the gym last week, and they had three chefs on trying to create some frugal but gourmet dinners.  Of course their idea of frugal and ours might be a little different, but even if you save them for a special occasion dinner, they will ring in less than eating out.  They looked so good (and kept me running an extra 1/2 mile without noticing) I decided to give parts of them a try.

First up I took inspriation from a salad presented by Stephen Aspirinio.  The original salad was titled: Salad of Golden Beets, Bartlet Pears, Bulgarian Feta, & Blood Orange with a Mint Citronette.  Of course I didn’t have golden beets or bartlet pears, or blood oranges, for that matter.  I did have regular beets, regular oranges and, well, regular feta.  So I took what I had and ran with it.

The flavor combinations were nice, although I’m sure his version really sings, it was nice way to eat our roasted beets.  Below is my version of this salad, but go to the View website  to see the recipes for all three chefs in the original.

Salad with Beets, Feta, and Oranges

salad greens (spring mix, etc)

3-4 beets, roasted with salt and olive oil and cubed or quartered

1/2 cup of crumbled feta (i think mine was Trader Joe’s)

1-2 oranges, peeled and chopped

small handful of mint, chopped finely

dressing of your choice– I used a light vinegrette

I think salads are fairly straightforward, but I’ll prolong this just a bit.  Place lettuce on plate.  Top with beets, feta, oranges, and sprinkle with mint.  Dress as desired.  Eat.

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