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Quiet morning. (sugarfree)

February 10, 2009

img_3800Today is just a quiet day at home.  After a couple days of rain, and then sunshine yesterday, we awoke to frosted rooftoops this morning.  I can feel the chill creeping back into the house and in a way I’m glad; I won’t feel at all guilty about curling up in my reading chair today for a nice long visit with Northanger Abbey.  Sometimes the assigned readings for my program coincide perfectly with what I’m feeling like.

As I’ve spent the last few days in that reading chair charging head long into this semester’s reading, I haven’t been in the kitchen or at my sewing machine much.  I haven’t even been making dinner!  My husband made my favorite quick and easy vegetarian lentil soup last night from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone  (and it tasted so good I asked him if he followed the recipe or added something special to it– he admitted to sneaking in a little chicken broth– so much for my vegetarian soup!).  I’m also avoiding my baking cookbooks this week as I need a little break from sugar. I think I have been letting a little too much sweetness into my life and in order to take more pleasure in it I need make it less a frequent visitor!  (So no TWD today, but check out others who aren’t avoiding sugar to see what they’ve made!)  

I did just want to share this little flashback moment I had recently with my children.  At their school they are working on a drama production of Free to Be You and Me.  I downloaded the entire album last week and wow!  it was such a strange sensation to listen to it again.  I had completely forgotton about this album– we must of had it on a record (?) when I was little, but I remember loving the track about the two babies talking.  Surprise, surprise…so did my children!  It’s their favorite too.  There are some great clips from a video version (which, incidentally, I don’t remember ever seeing) of this on youtube, and I located my favorite one about the babies to share with you!  If you have kids, and you remember this as a child, you might want to share it with them too.

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