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Quiet house.

April 18, 2009
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img_4338Yesterday morning I awoke to a quiet house.  My husband was just leaving for work, and my two children, enjoying a spring break schedule, were snoozing.  The air had a slight chill to it and after pouring a morning cup of tea, I curled up in my reading chair with homework, a magazine,  a couple  blankets, and one cozy, snuggly cat.  One blissful hour I had in that chair.  It was a rare treat, and I savored it.

When I heard the shuffle of feet at the end of that hour I was rested, finished with a good chunk of my homework reading, and ready to make some breakfast for the kids, inspired by a new recipe for pancakes from the current issue of Country Living.  I stood up and got busy in the kitchen immediately, heating the griddle and whisking the egg whites.  And whisking.   And whisking.

This pancake recipe calls for egg whites beat to soft peaks, and as it was only two eggs, and only soft peaks, I didn’t think it warranted pulling out the beaters, so I set to work by hand.  OH!  I know that if I did this daily I would build up these egg beating muscles, but they just aren’t there!  I beat them though and tried to distract myself from the pain, thinking about my garden, my homework, ANYTHING ELSE besides the fact that my forearm was burning!  Ah well, it was worth it.  These were the fluffiest little pancakes I’ve made, and the kids were eating them as fast as I could cook them.  Which is good, because according to the magazine, they deflate if left too long.

They are completely unlike my normal pancake recipe (packed full of wheat germ, whole wheat flour, and thin and flat), and it was a nice change.  I sliced up some strawberries with them, and enjoyed their light texture along with the kids.

I think the whole family reaped the benefits of my time in that chair yesterday morning!

Check out the recipe for Priest’s Pancakes here.

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