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Spring Dinner.

April 21, 2009

img_4239The past few weeks a certain noticeable change has come over our weekly CSA boxes.  Along with the cold weather regulars (turnips, beets, kale, turnips, and more turnips) a few almost forgotten friends have been showing up.  This week our box also included strawberries, leeks, green garlic, and radishes.  Watching the changes in our weekly veggies really highlights the seasons in a way I can really, well, taste.  

Best of all, each week with our box we get a couple recipes that highlight the contents of our box.  I’ve tried a few here and there, with mixed results, but this week was one for Kale, Leek and Green Garlic Torta I wanted to share as it was not only delicious, but easy, and used four of the veggies from my box in one dish!    Served with salad and radishes (sprinkled lightly with salt) on the side, the whole meal, besides the eggs, was made from our box.

The most interesting ingredient in this torta is the green garlic, as I don’t think I’ve used it before and enjoyed trying it out.  Our newsletter included some good information on green garlic as well as some  ideas on how to use it (minced in salads, pounded into green-garlic aioli, sauted or poached), but I also found a couple nice links I’ve included here.

Garlic Defanged– A nice little column on green garlic with a couple nice recipes

Chowhound Green Garlic– this is a chowhound thread—read through it for some interesting recipes posted by replier– green garlic soup, and salsa are a few that look interesting.

If you find yourself with a box of spring veggies, and want a nice light spring dinner, here is the recipe I used.   Happy spring eating!

Kale, Leek and Green Garlic Torta

from Laguna Farm CSA April 14th Newsletter/credited to Terra Firma Farm Newsletter March 1, 1999

1 bunch kale

1 stem green garlic

2 red skinned potatoes (any boiling potato– I used a couple found in my fridge bin, peeled)

2 leeks (medium) white and light green parts only

3 TBSP olive oil

6 large eggs

Salt and Pepper

Wash the kale and remove the stems, then chop and stem the leaves until tender but not pasty.  Meanwhile, boil the potatoes until tender, then dice.  Beat the eggs, then add the kale, potatoes, plus salt and pepper.  Carefully clean leeks making sure to wash away all the sand trapped between the leaves. Dice the leeks and 1 stem of green garlic.  Saute in the olive oil over medium heat.  Raise the heat, then add the egg mixture and reduce heat again.  Cook without stirring until the bottom is set and lightly brown, 3 to 4 minutes.

Carefully slide the torta onto a large plate, Invert the skillet on top of the plate and turn the plate and skillet over together, flipping the torta back into the pan.  Cook until the eggs are set and the underside is slightly browned.  (Alternately, you can brown the top under the broiler in your oven, rather than flipping the torta). (I used the broiler method–  I don’t trust myself to flip.)  Serves 4.

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