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Working lunch.

April 27, 2009

img_4425Not much else to say.  Or rather, time to say it.  Hard at work in the last few weeks of my semester.  Trying though to take some time to feed myself right.  Brain food, and all that.

Might just share a couple fun links though.  This is how I divert myself when I need a little break, but would feel too guilty to move too far from my computer and books.

What did you buy today?– Highly and strangely addictive and intriguing.  I found myself paging through over a month of her little sketch posts.

Spoonflower– You can get custom printed fabric!  How cool is that?  But better yet, if you can just look at other people’s fabric, and even vote on a favorite fabric each week.  I do!  The voting choices come right to my inbox– I don’t even have to remember!  Really neat stuff people are making out there.

small magazine– check out their latest issue.  Lot’s of neat ideas and tons of eye candy.

On the Street/Bill Cunningham– find him in the New York Times online Style section, or do a little search for him on their website and watch some of his narrated photo slideshows of fashion on the streets of New York.  I love his voice, his comments, and the way some of his photos just catch people in the midst of life, but really dressed for it.

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