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Introducing some new friends.

April 28, 2009


No.  These are not pics from my garden.  I wish!  I’ve been trying to get peonies to bloom in my yard for a couple years with no luck.  I think they might just be a little to finicky for my laid-back, hey-I-forgot-I-had-to-water-weed-and-prune-you-all attitude, but I’m still trying.  I’ve got a couple plants in different areas to try to see if more shade, more sun, more something will help my chances, but again this year I got green, and no buds.

I did however get to visit a beautiful and successful peony garden this year (and buy some of their special fertilizer mix–I’m crossing my fingers that it will be worth it).  And I brought my camera and snapped away so I can remember why I spend so much time thinking about these plants that just keep disappointing me with their bloom-less shrubbery.

Looking at the photos I’ve decided they all have their own personalities and furthermore, that they deserve names as well.  Just for fun.  That yellow one above is, of course, Sunshine.  Her description would run something like: fresh young thing, perpetually optimistic and cheery.

This one here.  I call her Violet.  Shrinking that is.  A little shy, blushes easily.  


And this one here can only be Marilyn.  You know, a little coy, but full blown sex appeal.


The word that comes to mind when I look at this one is Blowsy.  Can’t quite come up with an appropriate name though, but she is definitely down on her luck, but still beautiful and interesting in her own way.  Maybe you can help me name her?

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