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Garden Update

May 4, 2009



As I don’t have much time for creating in the kitchen or in my sewing area just at this moment, I thought it might be a good time to check in with my garden, which is growing, changing, and creating quite a show of its own, quite by itself.  A few months back I posted some pics of my little seedlings, and boy have they grown.  Even with my distracted love.


I think that is why gardening can be so satisfying for me.  It sometimes does best just when I leave it alone.  Of course it can use a little love from me sometimes, and I can’t stop planning for it (see pic of new seedlings below– leggy and kind of sad looking, but hoping they’ll do fine once I get them in the ground next weekend).  But overall, it chugs along quite nicely without too much input from me.  Which at this time in the semester is just as well.



See that sad looking box on the front right? That's where some of the seedlings will go.

And, just for fun… a couple more shots of my little loves.  Up close and personal.



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