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Confection Perfection.

May 5, 2009

img_4512I stopped participating in TWD a few months back, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve discarded Dorie’s book.  How could I?  It contains my favorite go-to fancy party cake recipe, aptly named…..Perfect Party Cake.  I mean, how perfect is that?  Perfect.

Our birthday season is past in our home (except for mine, but I don’t usually make myself a cake), but I recently helped my friend Lara throw a bridal shower tea for her niece.  Top of the food list: cake.  First stop: Dorie’s Perfect Party Cake.  I love this cake for many reasons.  1) It is quick to mix up.  Not too many separate bowls going on. 2) No special ingredients.  You know, you basic eggs, milk, butter, butter, butter. 3) The frosting is my favorite one to frost with.  Handsdown.

img_4508She just calls this frosting “buttercream,” but I know it better as Martha Stewart’s name, Swiss Buttercream (you can search her site for different versions of the same recipe that will make varying amounts; here’s one I found: wedding cake amount).  I’ve been making this frosting since my daughter’s first birthday, when I made her a deliciously pink ruffled cake, copied from a picture in one of the MS Baby magazines.  Not only did it look fantastic and make me feel like an accomplished decorator, but people loved the taste.  It has a kind of silky quality, and firms up nicely in the fridge (although you want to let it sit at room temp for a bit before serving).

Although their recipes read slightly different, Dorie’s buttercream is in fact the same frosting, made by making a kind of marshmallow meringue-y base before adding in the butter.  Yes, this is slightly more work than your basic buttercream, but trust me.  

It is worth it.



In consideration of my time and typing fatigue, I’ve located a couple blogs where you can access this recipe (apparently Daring Bakers made it last March).  Or just google: Perfect Party Cake recipe.  I followed it to the letter (only I made it a few times over to get my three cakes) and instead of raspberry preserves on both layers, I use store-bought lemon curd on one.  I also emit the coconut.

Ezra Pound Cake

Andrea’s Recipes


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