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Snail Tales.

May 6, 2009


I’m just in from a little mucking about in my garden.  Snail hunting actually.  For years I didn’t have any snails in my yard, but the last couple they have invaded front and back with a vengence, so every once in a while I grab my tongs (yes, I’m a bit squeamish about actually touching them), a container, and set about collecting snails.  I look under leaves, and on the sides of my foundation.  I disposed of about 10 this morning and consider that a good day’s work.  A friend of mine calls it hand harvesting.  That sounds a bit creepy to me, but I suppose “hunting” isn’t much better.  

Thought I’d just share a few snaps from my garden.  I promise, no pics of snails.  Maybe another day.


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  1. Ana Blake permalink
    May 6, 2009 1:59 pm

    They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Up here all I’ve got so far is wilted down daffodils and crocusses (and I think the deer ate the tulips) so your lovely flowers were great to see.

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