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must be paper writing time…

May 11, 2009

I’m in the thick of it.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not taking little mini-breaks to dream about all the other things I might be doing besides writing.  Top of my list since being inspired by Made by Rae’s “Spring Top Week” is sewing for warmer weather.  One more week and I can actually get to it!  Here are a few ideas I’ve been gathering to fuel my imagination and sewing frenzy-to-come.

Refashion men’s shirt- has lots of refashioned men’s dress shirts as cute tops and a-little-too-short-for-me dresses.  This link goes to my favorite one.  I love this because it is not only inexpensive (oh so important), but it repurposes meaning less production in general.

Victorian Ruffles- Made by Rae is helping fuel my inspiration in more ways than one.  Love this top, although I won’t be making it so generous in the belly section.  I have to say, I never had maternity clothes this cute.  Ah well…that stage is past.

“Adult”erated Sundress- I really liked this children’s sundress I found at Habitual, but thinking it is more me than my daughter.  Considering enlarging it to my size as a dress, or considering it as tunic/top as one commenter mentions.  Either way looks like an easy but satisfying afternoon sew.

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