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June 1, 2009

short history of womenI have many things that keep me busy, and one of them is reading.  Reading, reading, reading.  With my children.  For my grad program. And, sometimes, for myself.  One opportunity I have mentioned once before is that I also read books to review on Amazon as part of their Vine program (no money for this, just free books in exchange for reviews–not a bad deal to me).  Typically these reads (diverse and somewhat uneven in quality) don’t make it over to this arena, but once in a while a book is so good, so interesting, so enjoyable, I just can resist.  I just finished one book that deserved that crossover, so I am posting my Amazon review in full here.  I’d love to hear what books you’re enjoying too.

A Short History of Women: A Novel 

by Kate Walbert

There are some books that I like because they are satisfying in all ways. They are neat, tidy, and don’t miss a trick. There are other books that I love because they are unsatisfying, even unsettling. This is such a book. It has left me wanting more. More from the author (I will be looking into her other books for my summer reading), but also wishing the book went on longer, giving me more and more about these characters she has crafted. I want more not because they aren’t fully developed (because they are), but because I want to follow these characters even longer. 

I have to say that this is one of my favorite reads in a while. I loved the sliding around through history (from 1898 through 2007), living with different generations of the same family, sensing the way women’s lives and issues have changed (and not changed). Because of the sliding and shifting that does occur, this is a book that demands your attention–full attention–and I loved this sense of the book making sure I was involved, that I was really listening to it and its characters. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an intelligent, interesting read, especially if you are interested in women’s lives through the twentieth century.

(If you liked my review, I’d love it if you can give it a thumbs up (“helpful”) at Amazon.  Just click this link to my review and click the “helpful” button.  Thanks!)

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