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June 19, 2009

Scraps.  That’s all I’ve got for you today.  Not even a picture.  Just scraps.

Well, really I was planning on having a picture, but this week has been too crazy and we are heading out for a family day in the city with my sis and her fam.  This means I don’t even have time to take a picture, download it and upload it here, because I need to go pack our picnic lunch, make sure the kids are getting ready, and double check times for our planned stops for today.  I did have saved some ideas for using scraps that I thought I might share though.  Even without the photo.  Scrappy job, I know.

I have recently been tackling the reorganization of my sewing area, and as part of that effort started throwing the smaller scraps of fabric from completed projects in a box.  At first the box was destined for donation or the garbage but then I saw a couple things that got me thinking about putting these scraps to good use. (I was going to take a picture of aforementioned scraps, but hopefully you have your own pile and you can just imagine that instead).

Scraps for Kids

Reading glittergoods posting on little wooden clothespin doll kits she made for kindergarteners inspired me to rethink my scrap box as potential fashion fodder for whole families of dolls.  

If you have larger scraps then drawstring bags are oh so handy for storing small toys (including decks of cards that never make it back in their box, or jax and marbles [lots of loose marbles in this house, that is for sure]), sewing and craft supplies (just made one for some alpha stamps), and anything else.  I like this tutorial at betzwhite (which is actually for a shoe bag–something I’m not feeling a need for currently, but you never know).

Scraps for Patchwork

Readymade magazine used some bits and pieces from the recently released Patchwork Style book (which I have in the Japanese version) to highlight some nifty uses of fabric scraps through applique and small quilting projects.

Patchwork Bibs- Check out the patchwork one under this chenille bib tutorial from happy things.  I think I would nix the chenille and showcase the patchwork, lining with a flannel or soft knit.

Scraps for Small projects

Potholder tutorial at Craftzine

Eyeglass case Tutorial at amazingmae

Yo-Yo tutorial from Hearther Bailey

Hexagon Coaster at happythings-no tutorial but plenty of inspiration

Fabric Flowers Tutorial from wisecraft

Enjoy your weekend!  Looks like it will be a hot one here!  Next week I’m planning some yummy desserts to share and hopefully (hopefully!!!!) will have my sewing area organized enough to begin my summer sewing in earnest, and share some creations with you as well!

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