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Redeemed: Vegetarian Dinner

July 6, 2009

DSCN0373Last week I admitted that although I usually eat vegetarian, and mainly post vegetarian dinners here, I do eat meat.  However, a meatless dinner is what usually makes me happiest and I was so satisfied with a recent meal we had that I wanted it to share it with you.  

As I’ve written before, I have been getting the magazine, Vegetarian Times, for a while now, and I was initially unimpressed.  However, as the year went on this magazine has grown on me, and I have really enjoyed the things I have made from it.  Around Christmas, we gave their Holiday meal a try (which starred this Mushroom, Cheese, and Vegetable Strudel) and it was great, if a little time intensive.  Fast forward to summer, and I found myself pouring over the lastest issue with my 17-year old cousin who had picked it up at the grocery store.  Soon we’d pretty much tabbed the entire issue and I decided not to wait, and to make one of their meals (actually billed as a graduation/celebration meal) that night.

Everything turned out great, and wasn’t too time intensive, although a little planning and making ahead would have spread out the time in the kitchen.  We ate it al fresco, and it really felt like summer.

You can find the recipes at Vegetarian Times:  Carmelized Onion Tart, Confetti Slaw, and Warm Potato Salad Primavera.  I recommend them all.  And I think I should add that carmelized onions are my favorite new food–they really deliver a lot of bang for the buck.  Check out these two other recipes that highlight them: my favorite sandwich here, and a similar version to the onion tart above, that I made earlier this year.

See also my posts on a couple other recipes I’ve tried from Vegetarian Times this last year:

Tomato & Corn Pizza

Sorrel Drink

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