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Art Day: O’Keefe

July 7, 2009

DSCN0492Summer is chugging along at a rapid pace.  What happen to those long lazy days I remember from childhood, stretching endlessing ahead?  I hope my kids still feel that way, but we’ve been so busy it is flying by for me.  One thing keeping us busy is dipping into our summer jar every day or two, and being as true to the slip we pull as we can.  Last week we pulled “art day” and I was excited to share a book I picked up for my kids at the Georgia O’Keefe & Ansel Adams exhibit I saw recently at the SFMOMA. The book is titled, My Name is Georgia, and tells, in picture book style, the story of O’Keefe’s life as an artist.  Both kids seemed to enjoy the book, and I thought it did a great job of balancing factual info and presenting this artist in an appealing way. 

Jumping off from this book, I glanced in my copy of Discovering Great Artists (see my post using this book for nature journaling last Fall), to come up with an idea for creating our own art inspired by O’Keefe.  Discovering Great Artists suggested doing large close up paintings of flowers, but my son and husband weren’t as excited by this element of her art, as they were about her SouthWest landscapes with skulls.  Considering our participants, I changed approach and we picked out a couple of her images online to imitate/interpret.  My husband and son worked from this image, my daughter from this one.  I worked from a snapshot I had taken many years back of foxgloves.  We started by sketching out our pictures, and then painting them (tempura and watercolor).  All in all, although there was a little artistic frustration in attempting “perfection,” it was a fun family exercise.  We talked about personal interpretation, mixing colors, and other artsy stuff.

Here’s a little bit from one of our summer days.





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