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Easy does it (perfectly)

August 17, 2009


I mean really.  Is there anything that tastes like summer as much as tomatoes?  Not for me. Okay.  Maybe tomatoes with basil from my garden! So while my tomatoes happen to still be green (except for one we harvested and ate last week), my basil was ready to go and it was time to enjoy that afternoon snack that I substitue as lunch at least a couple times each summer: bruschetta.

I picked up some organic tomatoes on the vine at the grocery, as well as a little fresh mozzarella, because I like my brushetta with a caprese salad edge.  Actually, when I think about it, it is kind of like slamming together a caprese and panzanella salad into one little perfect finger food.


Oh.  It was so good.  So I thought I would share.  Pics and recipe (like you really need one–just gather all the summer goodness together and eat!).  Easy!


Slammed “Capzanella” Bruschetta

serves: 1 (generously)

1 ripe summer tomato

1 garlic clove minced

Basil (about 10 leaves, or to taste)

Basalmic Vinegar (1 small glug)

Olive oil ( 1 glug)

S & P to taste


fresh mozzarella

Chop your tomato (being sure to sneak some unadulterated tomato into your mouth so you don’t forget what summer tastes like).  Place it in a small bowl.  Chop, or finely chop (depending on your preference) your basil.  Add to bowl.  Hand mince, or use a press to mince the garlic and add.  Add a small glug of basalmic and a little bit more of olive oil.  Season with a bit of salt and pepper.  Let it sit while you prep the bread.

Slice the baguette thinly and brush or sprinkle with olive oil.  Place under broiler for a few minutes.  DO NOT WALK AWAY.

Instead, slice your mozzarella into small bread sized slices.  Pull bread out of oven before it burns, but is nicely golden.  Place on a place.  Place cheese on top.  Add a nice mound of tomato mix on top of that.

Eat summer.

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  1. August 17, 2009 6:50 pm

    I am adding this to my list of recipes to make with my overload of tomatoes. They are coming and they are coming in fast. Tonight it was angel hair pasta with tomatoes, parmesan and basil. Last night my husband and I had caprese salad as a late night snack. Now, I need to get a baguette. This looks so yummy and I forgot making it. Thanks for sharing.

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