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I’ve got it covered. Really!

August 19, 2009


You know those funny ideas you get late at night.  You know the ones.  They come on when you are frantically cleaning house and preparing for a party, and you think, “Hey, I should get to that project I’ve been meaning to do for a year….TONIGHT!”  Well, I sure do.  And it happened again in the 24 hour period when I was prepping for my sis’s baby shower a couple weeks back.  But hey,  I have to say, it does help me get things done, even if there is a little edge of craziness to it.

IMG_0336This time it was tackling some “covering” projects I’ve been meaning to get to for months (okay, for one it has been at least a year).  I wanted to cover the black fabric on our dining chairs for a long, long time.  Everytime people come over, if I don’t remember to clean them, people would look hesitantly at the seats as though all the little food stains would attack them.  The black fabric showed EVERYTHING.  EVERYTHING!  And so, about 45 minutes before the party  found me with  staple gun, screw-driver, and a length of fabric I found in my stash that was left over from some roman shades I made for my now “ex”-sister-n-law nearly 8 years ago.  I knew I was hanging onto it for some reason!


At about 15 minutes a chair, I was able to get 3 done before the party started.  I was triumphant, and made sure my Grandma got one of the recovered seats.  I got my other 3 done just the other day when I found myself with another random free 45 minutes.  And oh my!  beaming again.  Quick!  I better have a party before these ones get dirty!



My other project was covering a round rolling ottoman I picked up on craigslist for around $15 last winter.  We bought a chair on clearance (what I call my chair and my husband calls his–we fight over it constantly and hope one day we can afford to get a second)–anyway, the chair was great, but I quickly realized it needed an ottoman for extended reading days (as many of my days are with research and such).  I found this one after only a day of looking; I liked the shape, my kids liked the rolling, and I really liked the price.  The fabric actually didn’t scare me too much, but was way to busy for our living room.



I found the teal plushy fabric  in my stash (I think maybe I was thinking of recovering the dining chairs with it, but honestly can’t remember–it was on clearance, that much I know).  At around midnight the night before the party I started constructing this simple slipcover for the ottoman.  I think it took me about 2 hours.  It isn’t perfect because 1) I wasn’t thinking straight, and 2) it was late, so I wasn’t, you know, thinking straight.  Basically, I wasn’t sure what exactly I was going to do, and I was trying to make the limited amount of fabric I had work, so I had started with the idea of using elastic then pulled that out, then realized I would need to make panels to accomadate limited fabric, and so on.  I have to admit.  I was also a little lazy–probably because it was so late–and should of really cut a more precise circle instead of cutting around freehand, but oh well.  Because you know, I’m perfectly happy, even though it is a little lumpy, and one day soon I’ll probably rip out a couple of the lumpy areas and resew them.  But I’m not going to hold my breath–unless I have another party!

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