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This and That.

September 10, 2009

IMG_1141There is a lot of craziness around here as we all settle into our Fall routines, and as my thesis writing heats up.   This means I am struggling on the organization front and thus have been fairly lazy about snapping photos and organizing my thoughts about anything I’ve been up to lately.  Which doesn’t mean I haven’t been up to anything…

-We finally got some good sized heirlooms from our garden and in celebration I made a panzanella to highlight them.  We happened to have a stale-ing loaf of french bread, so I chopped that in cubes, put on a cookie sheet, topped with some olive oil and toasted under the broiler for about ten minutes (stirring every so often).  I then chopped some basil, red onion, and the tomatoes and combined with a couple glugs of olive oil and a splash of balsamic, finishing off with a little salt and pepper.  When the bread was ready I tossed it all together.  Unfortunately…no pics.  But everyone loved it–including my daughter who can some times be wary of new dishes on our table, esp. ones with onions.

-I Made pear-ginger muffins I mentioned last week.  They were great although my husband was rooting for more pear (even though I had already doubled it).  I want to make again with fresh ginger and something for crunch in them.

IMG_1280-We had a family RV trip to Lassen/Lake Alminore area.  We joined up with my husband’s parents (and owner’s of the RV) for a Labor day weekend trip to this great area, staying at an RV campground owned by some classmates of my son’s.  It was lovely and as I did snap some pics, that’s what I’m sharing with you.  We did the classic Bumpass Hell hike to boiling sulfer pots and in traditional fashion the kids plugged their noses while I had flashbacks to doing the same hike at around age ten–my nose plugged as well.

-I have been searching around the web.  Best stress releaser for me is to spend 10 minutes here and there jumping link to link finding some pretty amazing and talented people and websites out there.  So here are a few that have stuck with me this week.

Parasol online magazine (and the associated craft mag & printaday blog by creator, Yasmine Surovec).

Burdastyle–love-love-loving this site for free and cheap downloadable patterns.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve been spending more and more time here looking around.  This week I loved the free yoga bag pattern, this little cape/jacket (and check out the variations made with gathered sleeves), and this vintage-y dress that reminds me of ones I’ve seen here and there.

Hopefully in the next few days I will sort myself out a bit more and be back with slightly more structured posts.  But for now…back to that thesis.


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  1. Sandy permalink
    September 11, 2009 4:15 am

    Hi Jess, unlike me you sound like you are actually getting somewhere with the writing, well done. I adore panzanella, it’s so yummy with great toms. Burda patterns used to be made frequently by my mum and grandma, second only to Vogue. It’s the continental thing you know. And finally just checked with Kent and he used to visit Lassen frequently-he can’t remember Bumpass Hell however! PS I’m with Tim on the muffins

  2. jessbcuz permalink*
    September 11, 2009 2:49 pm

    Sandy–making some progress on writing…but never enough. Bumpass Hell is unforgettable if he ever went–smells like sulfer/rotten eggs, very very strongly. There are a bunch of great hikes there though….

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