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Let the Baking Begin!

November 18, 2009

No.  Not my holiday baking…yet.  But I’m almost there.  Just scheduled my thesis defense date and turned in a (fairly) final draft (there is always room for improvement).  So, I will be making my holiday gift baking list, and getting busy in the kitchen soon.  Time to dust off my measuring cups–but not quite yet.  A couple more days of commas and citations ahead of me yet.

Unless of course it is to bake some cookies with my daughter, which I did last night.  I was lucky enough to snag a copy of Sur la Table’s Baking Kids Love to review and wanted to put it through its paces.  We chose Chewy Oatmeal Cookies (with dried cranberries-YUM!), aproned up, and in no time at all were enjoying warm cookies with tall glasses of milk.  Test recipe completed, I was able to forge on and write up my (favorable) review for Amazon Vine.  And so, after quite a blogging hiatus, I am posting that review to jumpstart what I hope will be a creating frenzy coming to this blog soon.

If you’re looking for tips and recipes to start baking now, check out my posts on Baking with Children to get you started: Chocolate CupcakesPopovers , or Dutch Babies.  Now I’m curious to know what everyone else has been baking with their kids…any good cookin’ going on out there?

My Review of Baking Kids Love by Cindy Mushet:

I am a sucker for a cookbook to use with kids. Some of my favorite moments with my children are when we are all wrapped in aprons, covered in flour, and licking a spoon. This latest book from Sur la Table, Baking Kids Love, offers up just the right recipes to get you and your kids in the kitchen. It is very (very) similar to Williams Sonoma Kids Baking, and if you own that then you probably don’t need this…unless you’re like me and like to have choices. It has the same features as that title which I think are absolutely necessary for baking with children: 1) spiral bound so the pages lie nice and flat so everyone can see the instructions, 2) ingredients and tools are listed separately at the beginning of each recipe so you can make sure you have everything you need before you get started, 3) nicely paced and numbered directions (so everyone knows what’s happening) and, 4) a nice mix of easy and slightly more complex recipes so that this cookbook can last even after they graduate from needing your assistance in the kitchen.

Kids love being in the kitchen, but cooking is so much harder–it involves sharp knives, hot pans, steaming water, and a host of other things that your pre-schoolers’ through elementary aged children are probably not as able to navigate. Baking offers a wonderful way to spend time with your children, sneakily teach them math and cultural awareness, and helping them toward becoming more self-sufficient. Cindy Mushet’s intro to this book frames this nicely, and she carries that idea about baking with children through her book. If you’re ready to get in the kitchen with your children, or know a child or parent who is, then you can’t miss with this book. Let the baking begin!

If you think my review is helpful, click on over to it on Amazon and hit the helpful button.  Makes me feel like people are listening/reading. Want to see what I’m raving about?  Check out this preview at GoogleBooks.

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