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December Babies: Ornament Tutorial

December 23, 2009

When I was a little girl I loved unpacking the ornaments each year and finding just the right spot on the tree for my favorites.  There was Santa swinging on a star that needed a nice gappy spot, and the miniature musical instruments that just had to be played with before hanging.  By far, my favorite ornament each year was a little baby in its walnut cradle (original in the pic above).  I would unwrap this little smiling babe and find the perfect spot, front and center.

Another sweet ornament I purchased that reminds me of my older babies now--snuggling together.

When I had a babe of my own my mom passed on this little treasure to me, and each year it is still my favorite ornament to hang.  It is sweet, simple, and holds my childhood wonder in the holiday season, but also in how simple materials can be transformed into something that can capture your imagination.  This year, inspired by amazing mae’s simple but whimsical santa tutorial (and after recieving one of those santa’s from Traci–Thank You! Thank You! it looks perfect on my tree!), I decided to craft some of these little walnut babies to share.    I am giving one to some of the December “babies” we know: those with birthday’s in December, or little ones celebrating their first Xmas.  And so I decided I could also share this simple little ornament with you–there is still time to make these as they take almost no time at all!

December Babies: Tutorial

Gather your supplies. You will need: walnut shells, cotton balls, ribbon or tape to stamp, wooden beads, fabric scraps, and glue. I painted my walnut shells gold, glittered them, and sealed (modpodge would work), but you could also leave them plain.

If desired, personalize your ornament by hand stamping some linen tape with fabric ink. This one has my neice's name and "first xmas" stamped on it. I don't have any number stamps otherwise I would have also added the year. Another one of mine says, "December Baby" and then the person's name.

Glue (tacky glue or hot glue gun) to top inner part of shell.

Wrap a cotton ball in a little piece of fabric and glue to hold in place.

This is what it should look like on the front. I also glued a piece of the red ribbon across the front for a little contrast (you can see it in the last picture).

Glue cotton ball with fabric into walnut shell.

Draw a little face on your wooden bead and glue onto cotton ball. Give to your favorite December baby or little one in your life.

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  1. December 28, 2009 7:59 pm

    How cute and sweet. I wish I would have seen these before Christmas. I am still going to make some. Thanks for sharing a tutorial – lots of work right before the big holiday!


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