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Indulgence and Confession

January 6, 2010

No, this is not a post about lazy post-thesis, unemployed days spent lazing around in bed reading all my favorite trashy novels after three years of “literature” study. I wish I could do that without guilt, but no, after dropping the kids off at school I am filling my days catching up on 3 years of undone “to-do’s.” But today, as a treat for surviving a two-hour dental appointment, I decided to take some time to post about my own little indulgence: my iphone.

It is truly an indulgence  (who really needs a mini computer as their cell phone), but I made a good case for it and close to my birthday last summer (extra justification) my husband and I took the plunge into real contract cell phones after years of pay-by-the-minute minimal usuage. And when we make a jump, we really jump. So, into iphone land we went.

The reason I wanted to reveal this little love of mine (even though I am still slightly embarrassed to have it each time I use it in public) is that I got a couple new apps for xmas courtesy of my husband. He provided the gift card and I did the choosing. And they are just soo much fun to play with I want to share them.

One of the things I like about the iphone is having a handy little camera (& video, but I’ll talk about that more another day) with me.  I already had the Vintage B&W app to take photos in b & W (remember these from San Jose? They were taken with my iphone using that app). But I like to play, so I added the hipstamatic photo app. It has this uncanny ability to make even mundane photos–like the one of my unmade bed above– look…well…kinda neat. To show off what it can do I walked around my kitchen and looked for the most awful boring thing I could think of to take a picture of–I found some old celery–and look…its almost frameable. And check out my fruit bowl filled with some CSA goodies (California is a good state for CSAs in the winter–avocado, lemons, and kiwi this week, along with bok choy, spring mix, etc.).

In addition to hipstomatic I am also experimenting with ColorSplash (check out my fruit bowl again below).

I downloaded a couple more, but I’ll post about those another day as they aren’t photo apps.  For now, I must return to that to-do list.  I am determined to finally get some curtains hung this week (they were taken down mid-semester nearly 2 years ago during a whole house paint job my husband and his parents performed) and I must admit our tree is still up and needs to be attended too.  If only the “to-do list” app I’m trying out (AwesomeNote) would help perform the tasks too.

Happy New Year all!

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