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January 14, 2010

I’m finally making some progress as a knitter.

After a couple years of false starts, I’ve sustained my focus (and found time–very important) long enough to complete a few projects, learn some new skills and gain some confidence. In fact, I feel so much more established as a knitter (still a beginner, but not quite a complete novice) that I found myself advising someone in the craft store on a good book to give someone who wants to learn to knit on their own (I suggested the book I used two years ago, The Klutz Knitting book–comes with needles, yarn, and nice pictorial how-tos). After that moment of realizing that I knew something (slightly) more than someone else about knitting, I am now comfortable calling my self a knitter.

And so, to maintain my new title, I have been knitting. So here’s an update on what I’ve completed, and what I’m working on.

FOs (Finished Projects–I’m trying to get hip with this online knit language)

Baby Gnome Hat — I posted the link to this pattern when I started it, and I actually finished it in plenty of time to give as a gift to my niece (above pic). It was a nice quick reentry into knitting and my neighbor knit a long with me so she was able to help me easily with my questions. After such success I quickly knit up a second had for my son, resizing it on my own with success!

Just Enough Ruffles Scarf— Again, thanks to my neighbor knitting this with me, I was easily able to learn a couple new skills. Didn’t finish in time to give to my sis for xmas, but finished it up New Year’s week and working on matching gloves (see below) so I can give it to her this month (before our cold weather is done here!)

Purple Knit Hat– Not a resounding success, but I did finish it. I was trying to knit up a purple hat (by request) for my daughter for xmas. I didn’t finish it in time and I wasn’t too thrilled with the finished project. Ravelry was down the night I needed to locate a free pattern (I was down to the wire timewise) and I settled on this pattern from the Lion Brand Yarn website. I learned how to do a seed stitch, but other than that, this hat probably won’t get much use. It is too short, and the style isn’t too flattering for my daughter. Oh well. At least I used inexpensive yarn.

Marsen Watchcap– – For my husband. when I was about half way done it was looking too small, but I finished it regardless. I figured I could always find a smaller head to give it too.  When it was all done, it fit just perfectly.  I’ll try to snap a pic soon.

UFOs (Unfinished Projects)

Ruffle Fingerless Gloves– Unknown how these will turn out, but I’m making them to match my sis’s scarf. I couldn’t find a free pattern that matched how I wanted so I’m combing a couple patterns together. Ruffle from an online one, and then use the Wave Fingerless pattern in One Skein, but changed stitch from wave to stockingette. So, as you can see, they could be a complete bust. Hoping not.

Just Enough Ruffles Scarf–This time for me. I bought some gorgeous dark blue/teal yarn at our local yarn store, Castaway, and can’t wait to start it. Hoping I have enough yarn for some fingerless for me too!

Feathered Cable Cowl— Wanted to make myself something in a kelly green color. Decided on a cowl, and found this one in a quick ravelry search for a free pattern that would introduce a new skill for me.

Aviator Cap–  Sweet Sassafras just posted the other day on this pattern and it looks just up my alley, but a bit of a challenge.  I haven’t actually started knitting this, nor bought yarn for it, but I can’t remember the shorthand for planned projects.  I also found the London Beanie on the headhuggers site the Aviator cap is on and that looks like a good quick knit up for my husband or son.

Well, that’s it. That’s the knitting update for now.  If anyone has any knitting patterns or sites to recommend, please pass them on!

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