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Gifts: apron

January 22, 2010

I’m so excited!  I finished up a project that was (mentally) in the works for over two years!  Of course, in actuality it was only in progress for about 4 days, but it was weighing on me.

A few years ago I noticed that one of my friends who often wears an apron, spent most of her time in a well-loved, but bit tattered, apron.  Since then I have been wanting to make her an apron for her birthday, that unfortunately and inconveniently falls two days after xmas.  Well, I finally did and can’t wait to pass it on to her next week when we meet up for our weekly handwork hour  (knitting, quilting, what-have-you).  She doesn’t read this blog (as far as I know) so I’m safe to post pics here.

You’ll remember I just postedI was working on this apron (from an illustrated japanese pattern) that I found through  I liked how this pattern turned out, but would probably make the pockets a little more generous in the future, as I personally like to shove dishtowels in there.  It has a nice full-coverage style and I made the ties longer so it could wrap around and tie in front for easy on and off.

I was able to use fabric sourced from my favorite store that re-sells donations from other peoples stashes to benefit a local senior center.  I found enough matching yardage to line this apron, and then added some yo-yo accents.  The yo-yo’s were also fun, and something I’ve been wanting to try for a couple years, but just needed an hour or so to do.  I only had the smallest yo-yo maker, and although you can of course make these with out the little maker, they are so much easier that way.  I splurged today and bought the medium size so I can embellish some other projects (I’m thinking a green plain cardigan I have, and maybe my next bag I make).

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  1. January 24, 2010 2:59 pm

    Don’t you love it when you have a gift to make and give that you know will be well loved and used? I almost get anxious until I give it to my friend. It turned out great. I also have a birthday a few days after Christmas and if it wasn’t my own, I might forget it! We usually celebrate it in January and that just gives me more fun to look forward to. I hope she loves it.


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