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cabbage salad *I* liked

February 4, 2010

We are BIG salad eaters.  BIG, BIG.  Last summer, while we were on a road trip, we had gone the route of fast food stops for a whole day and contemplating another meal of grease and more grease, we heard a high pitched plea  from the back seat, “Please, PLEASE, can I have salad?”

But, that is not always true if I mess with the basic salad at home, as I did the other night.  In December I had ripped out a cabbage salad recipe I was thinking of making for Xmas, but it never happened.  I tucked it away, and then staring into the fridge at a very large purple cabbage that was part of our CSA share last week, I thought it might round out our dinner of lentil soup and bread.

I was pretty sure the kids wouldn’t go for a straight cabbage, so I added in some salad mix, as well as some raisins for a little more sweetness.  I wouldn’t say it was a hit with them, but sometimes I get a little selfish and make a recipe that I want to try (as I had to explain to them as they pushed the nuts to the side).  I enjoyed it very much, and thought it was a nice mix of winter flavors.  And easy to make to boot.

Winter Salad

I found the original recipe reprinted in our local paper in Dec., but it was originally from The Washington Post.  Here is the link to the original version, and my version below.

Large handful of walnut halves or pieces

2-3 large handfuls of salad mix

1/4-1/2 head of medium purple cabbage (original recipe calls for savoy cabbage, but I used what I had on hand)

2 TBSP cider vinegar

Juice of 1 lemon

sprinkle of salt

Large grind of fresh pepper

1/2 cup olive oil

2 Tbsp creme fraiche, or heavy cream (I had 1/2 & 1/2)

1/2-1 crisp, slightly tart apple, like Granny Smith– Thinly sliced

Handful of raisins

Place nuts on cookie sheet and place under the broiler.  After a couple minutes shake/stir them.  Toast a few moments more until you can smell them.  Let them cool while you prepare the other parts.

Remove tough leaves of cabbage and then slice thinly desired amount.

In a jar with a lit, combine vinegar, lemon juice, salt and pepper.  Add oil, put on lid, and shake until emulsified.  Before using, add cream and shake again.

Combine cabbage, nuts, apple, raisins and salad mix.  Lightly dress and combine.

Enjoy with hot soup or hot sandwich in the depths of winter.

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