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February 9, 2010

Sometime in early January I read about Project 365 on a couple different blogs (sweet sassafrass for sure, and else where as well).  I think it is a fascinating idea as an artistic challenge (how to you find the artful or beautiful every day in you life?), but there is just no way that I could be that consistent.  I’m still working on flossing daily–as my denstist will tell you.  Last visit she said, “Please, just floss at least once in the next few days.  Please.”  I’m glad to report, I did.  But remembering to take a photo EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR A YEAR?  I seriously doubt I would succeed.

What I did decide I could do (and probably a lot more consistently than I floss) is remind myself to take a photo every so often of my everyday life.  Not when we go somewhere special, or it is someone’s birthday (and believe me, I am really done with birthdays for awhile and happy to report the second party was completed last weekend), but just the normal things, the things that don’t get photos taken of them all the time.  Like the ironing pile that lived in my mom’s kitchen her entire childhood that you can see sneaking into a few candid shots, but never starred in its own photo shoot even though it comes up in conversation more often than you would imagine.

So that is my little challenge for the year.  Photos of the “real.”  Of the laundry.  The homework.  The messy dinner dishes still in the sink in the morning.

And if I remember to squeeze in a little flossing this year too, then I’ll really consider myself accomplished.

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