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what you didn’t know you wanted to know about… me and my blog

What? You want to know what I’m doing here?  Well…hmmm.  Good question!

To start off it is a place for me to air my daily reflections, experiences, creations (edible, wearable, and otherwise).  I am a mother of two.   Wife of one.  Graduate student.  Creator of– among many other things– messes.

I see blogging as fulfilling my need to journal tidbits from my and my children’s lives, while taking advantage of the fact that I can type a whole lot faster then I can handwrite.

Of a way of sharing bits of my life with others in order to connect to a larger world.

To fulfill a need in me to write, write, write.

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  1. Joni permalink
    August 9, 2008 8:47 pm

    HI, I went to your blog as a reference to sewing something.. But I got so involved in Your Baking, your children and your creative life I had to read it all. I think I just have to make some of those super capes for my grandchildren.. And those sweet rolls and Popovers.
    I remember listening to a Sesame Street story about Sir Robin the Brave with my kids many years ago and somewhere in that story (that I had to listen to MANY MANY times) was a comment “have another pop-over Froggie” in a sort of get the frog to keep his mouth shut kind of voice.. and I thought for sure I would actually take the time to get out my Joy of cookies cookbook and attempt to make that special treat.. well never happened. But maybe I will have to read the stone soup book and try the Children’s version you suggested. Oh well. My Daughter lives far away with her band of children and so I have to stock pile ideas and treats for times when we can get together. Thanks for keeping me young! Joni in CA

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